Access to the Hospital Complex is a life and death issue yet it is currently very poor.  Most traffic from the south has to go through Bloomingdale on First Street and Channing; traffic will be even worse during DC WATER tunnel construction under First Street. (Water).   

We resolve this traffic hazard with a new boulevard from North Capitol to First Street and a new simple street grid that interconnects the whole area.  This grid defines a new transit gateway along Michigan Avenue; bus stops on both sides of the street avoid the need for a left turn and the pedestrian bridge provides safe pedestrian access.  (Safety).    




The new urban center unifies McMillan Park and the existing Hospital Complex spatially and programmatically. It is a mixed-use complex with ground floor retail, medical office buildings and apartment buildings, over parking. It fulfills the city’s goals: private development and job creation, and makes it financially feasible and it solves two key concerns, transportation and safety.

The urban Center extends from the North court to a new boulevard from North Capitol. (Transportation).  A pedestrian bridge over Michigan Avenue offers safe pedestrian access (Safety) as part of a spatial sequence from Town Square to McMillan Park. (Spatial sequence).